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Life Enrichment Classes

Life Enrichment Classes

What are Life Enrichment Classes?

Life Enrichment Classes are offered at Harvest Family Church periodically and they teach practical and applicable techniques from a Bible-centered perspective to aid you in everyday living.  Life Enrichment Classes are open to anyone who wants to attend.

Life Enrichment Class Topics

Current and past topics include: Parenting Skills, Balanceing Being a Woman, Wife and Mother, Managing Your Finances God’s Way and Building a Powerful Prayer Life.  Life Enrichment Classes are constantly revised, updated and change according to God’s direction and the needs of God’s people.

Will a Life Enrichment Class help me?

Your life will be enriched and blessed by attending any of these classes. They will educate and encourage you in your walk with the Lord while building you up spiritually.  Your relationship with God will be enhanced by the Bible based knowledge you learn during your time of learning in an LE Class. All classes are conveniently offered on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings to make it easier for you to attend.

If you are interested in finding out the current life enrichment schedule email us .