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Service Ministries

Service Ministries

What are Service Ministries?

Service ministries provide complete customer service care to members and guests of Harvest Family church. They are the ones who make the first and last impression on all who attend.  When individuals come to Harvest, or to an event at Harvest, they should be treated with kindness, a warm smile and helpfulness.  The service ministries meet this need with an attitude of zeal that exemplifies Christ's love in everything they do.  Do you want to be a part of this fabulous team? Please read further for more information.

Guest Services

A Guest Services volunteer provides assistance and information to all attendants for worship services, mid-week services and special services before, during and after services. Volunteers are stationed at Guest Service stations in the lobbies to greet with kindness, answer questions, give directions, and to distribute designated materials.

Hosts & Hostesses

The Host volunteer provides a warm welcome to all members and guests before each worship service, mid-week service and special services.  Hosts are stationed throughout the lobbies and at Sanctuary entrances to offer smiles, warm greetings, general assistance, to answer questions, provide assistance, and to direct our members and guests by escorting them to their desired destinations.


The Ushers are responsible for helping to provide a welcoming and orderly environment during the services. Ushers serve as parking lot attendants and greet everyone with a warm smile as well as directing them to the appropriate parking spaces.  Special parking is available for all first time guests.  Ushers are required to perform all of their duties with friendliness and a loving smile.  They also assist with seating, receiving offerings, serving Communion, and responding to emergencies. 

Please visit our volunteer page to sign up to be a part of our service ministries.