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The Soul Healing Seminar

The Soul Healing Seminar

The Soul Healing Revival Final

The Soul Healing Seminar is a forum focused on emotional healing, health and stability, psycho-education, information, counseling, advocacy, and mental health awareness. We believe that mental health is for everyone!  It is “A Night of Soul Healing”.
The premise of the teachings of Soul Healing is that we are triune beings: body, spirit and soul. The soul is the core and foundation of who we are. Improper soul care causes us to be imbalanced and can lead to mental illnesses. Many people are living in their present, with unhealed wounds from their past.  The Seminar seeks to provide practical answers and help to heal these wounds.

The Soul Healing Seminar is focused on personal growth and development in the area of emotional health and maturity and emotional intelligence via a hands-on, conversational, technique and principle-based approach.
This life changing Seminar, intensive event is focused on healing deep emotional wounds and overcoming brokenness through education, conversation, counseling and providing coping skills. It’s time to get emotionally healthy so we can live better, more productive lives!

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